About us

Singularity Film is a production company founded in 2013, based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are a group of three producers, Erik Lundqvist, Stefan Henriksson and Ludwig Bile.

As a company we focus on creative development, production and post-production services in drama, documentary, commercial & creative content.

Together as three producers we share a strong vision of developing and creating politcally aware and imaginary content. We want to profile ourselves as a group of individuals who share passions in epic tales, folklores and strongly aware content for national and international audiences.

Among the directors that work regularly for Singularity is Johan Rosell, Johan Bååt, Irene Lopez, Ninja Thyberg, Emil Mkrttchian and Alexis Almström.

Singularity works in broad spectras with severeal co-production companies aswell as clients. Among the clients whom Singualrity has worked with includes: Red Cross, RFSL, Genova Properties, Nordic Dialouge and production companies such as: Carnivale Pictures, Chamdin & Stöhr Produktion, Merix Media, Nordisk Film, Cornchild Productions and House of Radon.